The Karma

From our personal home to your personal space, we are excited to connect modern collectors with high-quality pieces. Every piece in our collection is authentic and created by artists we truly believe in. It is our artist’s unique lifestyles, their growing potential, work processes, and means in creation that hold the karma. Our mission is to pass all of this on so you can easily experience and endure the karma of art.


The Founders

Karma Kollective was founded in 2017 by Sharona Tevet Lubaton and Ran Lubaton- partners in life and in work. After a life-changing family tragedy, the Lubatons decided to join forces and dedicate themselves to what is inspiring and meaningful. By founding the Karma community, they are able to promote creative living and practice daily optimism.

Sharona Tevet an artist and a curator, graduate of Shenkar, College of Art and Design. Over the years, Sharona had been advising independent art galleries, design professionals, and artists in different stages of their careers. Understanding each sector’s growing needs while leading to a change in the way art is experienced, drew her towards founding Karma Kollective.

Ran Lubaton is an attorney by weekday, cyclist and a collector by weekend.  Always in search of the right balance between ‘the material’ and ‘the spiritual’, Ran believes that art finds its place in between.  Lead by his skills, Karma has become a financial source supporting emerging artists across the world while creating new ways of art commerce.