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  • A Modern Gem in the City

    Dive into our latest curated project- a beautiful 120 meter, 5 room apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv. Designed by architect Amir Navon alongside accelerator students from the Interior Design Department at 6B Design Institute. Together they transformed this old space into an urban and easy gem. The timeless design approach includes photography works…

  • Co-Working Space for Creatives / DamnDesign

    We are excited to finally share our collaboration with one of our favorite spaces in Tel Aviv- DamnDesign. A co-working space for creative people that is all about combining work and city life, helping their members concentrate and get inspired, way more than just 9 to 5. Artwork by (left to right): Naama Roth, Rafael…

  • Studio Visit with Or Lapid

    We had the pleasure of visiting  Or Lapid’s Tel Avivian studio-apartment and learn more about why she paints,  her inspiration, and what’s the deal with all these couples.  Tell us about yourself?I was always an amateur painter until I began my studies in Bezalel Academy. I was making a ‘self-painting routine’ and since I graduated,…

  • Get To Know Jennifer Abessira

    We visit Jennifer Abessira’s home in Tel Aviv to talk about Instagram as a medium, her interesting hashtags and some of her favorite things. Dive deep to Jen’s temple of Bauhaus and shop her latest work.

  • Holiday Event at Jaffa’s Flea Market

    Take a look at some of the wonderful moments we’ve shared in our first offline event!

  • A Warm Scandinavian Loft in the Suburbs

    When an interior designer designs her own private home the challenge (and beauty) is doubled! Hop inside this elegant loft designed by Yonit Stern, learn about the curation process and get inspired by her stylish design choices.

  • Candy for the Eyes, Abstract for the Soul

    Mixed Media artist Kate Frizalis shows us the way into her bright world of tennis balls and yummy textures. Dive inside to learn all about Kate’s favorite color, why she keeps her bad vision, and about that time she got a big fine in the mail for drawing on walls.

  • 50 Shades of Gray and Sunshine- Family Home in Ramat HaSharon

    From French and classic to modern and chic- visit the elegant provincial styled home of the Cohen-Mor family and get tips on how to do it right. Mmm… is that lavender we smell??

  • A Loving Note to All Women

    From a personal story to an embracing community- a loving message from co-founder Sharona Tevet to all women (and men) out there.

  • I Spy an Evil-Eye

    Meet Daniel and Nir, or in Hebrew Daniel-ve-Nir, the duo designers who have helped us design and shape Karma Kollective’s online home. They are here to share some tips for the fresh entrepreneur, talk about the creative process behind the design and inspire you by their beautiful studio in Noga District, Jaffa.

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