What is Karma Kollective?

Karma Kollective is an online gallery and a place for ideas, cultures and people to meet. We serve as a home to a wide range of international artists and artistic styles. Karma Kollective seeks to inspire and spark up curiosity among all by bringing affordable and creative art to the spaces where we live and work.


What is that 'Karma' you're talking about?

The Karma is everything we do that affects the world or others. It’s the energy or feeling you get from someone or something.

How is Karma and art connected?

We believe that an artist’s karma can be experienced through a piece of art or by the energy you get when you come across something that moves you.

An original artwork carries the sum of the artist’s choices, meaning in creation, and growing potential, all to be shared and passed on.

This Karma is what helps us connect with art or with others.

Why 'Kollective' with 'K'?

‘Kollective’ is not a spelling mistake.
It is the ’K’ from the Karma passed forward to the collective group.

Is it okay if I don't understand art or Karma?

Yes. It’s totally cool!
Feel free to just enjoy what you see.


How can I guarantee the authenticity of the artwork?

Karma Kollective holds only one-of-a-kind artwork or limited-edition photographs and prints. Your artwork from us will always include a certificate of authenticity with the title, artist’s name, medium, dimensions, edition and other information regarding your piece. Our gallery’s certificate of authenticity will always be signed and approved by Karma’s gallery director.

We recommend holding on to your certificate as it is proof of collecting containing details about the artwork for the collector’s reference and future value.

What does limited-edition mean?

‘Limited-edition’ is a fixed number of identical photographs or prints. The artist chooses the number of prints to be printed and controls the process of production. Once the edition is sold out, prints are no longer available. That makes limited edition prints more valuable than open editions.

How do I read the dimensions?

Our listings are for the original size of the artwork and will always be height first, then width (HxW cm/in)

Please remember that framing adds 2-3 cm to the original artwork, when final framed dimensions may vary depending on the frame type.

Can you frame my artwork?

Of course! Most of the artwork on Karma Kollective is unframed when framing can be easily added according to your preferences.

Please see specifications on the artwork’s page and description.

If you have any special requests or unsure about framing and sizes please contact us hello@karma-kollective.com so we can work together to satisfy your needs!

Why should I get framing at Karma Kollective?

At Karma Kollective we aim to make the experience of buying art as easy and comfortable as possible, that is why we save you a trip to the framer and offer competitive pricing for framing.

Our frames are made by hardware specialists we trust and from the best quality materials. All frames arrive ready to hang, with real glass and fine finishes. The framing options have been carefully selected by the artist along with our curator’s top selections to best display your art.

If you are interested in a different type of frame or custom sizes- don’t hesitate and contact us hello@karma-kollective.com so we can match your needs.

Can you explain more about framing and mounting?

Framing and mounting explained:

Gallery Natural or Light Oak Frame
Thin wood frame for an elegant, for a warm and natural look.

White or Black Wood Frame
Smooth white or black colored natural wood frame for a classic, for an all-time look.

Metal Frame
Slim aluminum frame for a minimalistic look (different colors available)


  • Full bleed is printing from one edge of the paper to the other
  • White borders create a printed distance between the frame and the image, adding a minimum of 5 cm white, printed margins on each side of the image.
  • Matt is a cardboard-like material, which sits between a frame and your photograph or artwork to give it a more finished look.

Over Sizing explained:
Matte and margins will add 5 cm to each side. Frame will add 2 more cm to each side. Overall about 14 cm to the image size.

Can I see Karma's collection in person?

Yes! Contact us to schedule a private viewing in our showroom in Jaffa’s flea market hello@karma-kollective.com


Do you offer international shipping?


* unframed photography and print as well as framed art and original works- pick up from our gallery- Shimon Hatzadik 19, Jaffa, Flea Market.

United States
* unframed photography and prints– $15
* framed art and original works- starting at $30, depending on your order and/or frame.

Rest of the world
unframed (standard)- standard shipping costs varies between $10 to $40, depending on your country and your order. Please reach us hello@karma-kollective.com for specific shipping and handling price quotes.

Orders ships within 10 business days.

Do you accept returns?

We do our best to make sure our collectors are satisfied with their orders. However, if for any reason you are unpleased with your purchase, please reach us within 10 business days so we can do our best to make you smile. Please keep in mind that our made-to-order pieces and originals will have a 25% processing fee.

Curation and Commission

I have fallen in love with an artist’s work. Is it possible to receive custom sizes or can I commission a new work?

Yes! We love thinking and working outside the box. For all inquiries involving sizes and commissions, please contact collectors@karma-kollective.com, or through the red ‘contact’ button.

Do you work with interior designers or architects?

Yes, we do! Karma Kollective loves helping professionals with art sourcing for a wide range of projects and providing curation services.

At Karma Kollective, we pride ourselves on open-mindedness to all forms of artistic expression. With that said, we love working with interior designers, architects and companies.
Want to add Karma to your project or space? Super! Simply e-mail us at hello@karma-kollective.com to get started.

What are curation services?

Our curation services are a cost-free, personal art assistance session. Think of it as a kind of ‘matchmaking’ service. Getting to know you and your needs is what helps us help you. With the knowledge and experience of our art experts, you will easily find the perfect piece to make your heart skip a beat.

How does the magic happen?

In a one-on-one meeting or online chat, we get to know your needs and personal taste. We gather all information and carefully match it to the artwork’s characteristics such as style, feel, size, technique and investment price. In order to help you through the collecting process, we assist in everything from choosing to hanging, all free of charge!

Why should I use curation services?

At Karma Kollective, we understand that finding and collecting art may be hard and even confusing. That is why our personal curation services are here to help you, making the art collecting process much easier and all yours! While focusing on your own personal style, budget, needs, and space, we professionally help you pick out the right artwork for you. This often saves a lot of time, energy and confusion in the art collecting process.

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